Property crimes

Property crimes involve the theft and use of property, identification or financial information of another, taking a motor vehicle without permission, and other crimes involving the unlawful taking and use of stolen property. If you are charged with a property crime, you may be looking at significant time in custody, court ordered restitution, and a mark on your record that can bar you from many areas of employment. If you are charged with a property crime, it’s important that you hire a skilled property crimes defense attorney as soon as possible. Other property crimes include theft of a firearm, trafficking in stolen property, shoplifting, organized retail theft or possession of a stolen vehicle, among others.

The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr are dedicated criminal defense attorneys who will fight vigorously in your defense. We have years of experience reviewing and contesting police investigations. We are capable of identifying areas where an investigation was not done properly, where civil rights have been violated, and using this to leverage dismissal, reduced charges or winning your case at trial. If you are charged with a property crime, there are often many defenses available, but it takes a skilled attorney to prove your defense in a court of law. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have successfully litigated property crimes cases involving defenses of all types. We can identify and aggressively pursue available defenses including proving that you did not know the property was stolen, proving that the police targeted the wrong suspect, proving that you acted under duress, necessity, diminished capacity or were entrapped by law enforcement. Call us today for a free consultation. We are here to win your case.