Pre-charge representation

If you or someone you know is suspected of committing a crime, it is important to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer involved as soon as possible. Many people wait until charges have already been filed before contacting a lawyer. By that point, the police and prosecution have already gathered most of the evidence and built a case against you. Law enforcement are often highly effective at applying pressure to suspects and obtaining waivers of important constitutional rights and self-incriminating statements. These same tactics can be used by law enforcement to procure false confessions and expose innocent people to substantial liability.

The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr will protect your rights at every stage of an investigation and make sure that you are not being taken advantage of. We will inform law enforcement that you have hired counsel and direct all communication through our office. Our primary goal at this stage is to avoid the filing of criminal charges. In the event that a police report is referred to the prosecutor’s office, we will immediately contact the prosecuting attorney’s filing department and seek alternative means of resolving your matter. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr are experienced in negotiating and resolving cases before charges are ever filed. Contact us today for a free consultation.