No contact order violations

No contact orders are often easy for petitioners or alleged victims to obtain. They can result from the filing of domestic violence charges or a petitioner can seek one in civil court. These hearings are heard by commissioners who have wide discretion in granting orders based solely on someone’s word. Once a no contact order is in place, you must strictly abide by the terms of the order or be subject to the criminal charge of violating a no contact order. No contact orders often result from domestic disputes where emotions run high and exaggerated claims are common. Unfortunately, the same people who make exaggerated claims resulting in a no contact order can very easily make additional exaggerated claims that the no contact order was violated. A protected party only needs to claim that they were contacted to trigger a criminal charge.

If you are charged with violation of a no contact order, you should contact an attorney who has experience in fighting violations of no contact orders. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have a winning track record of fighting allegations of violations of a court order. We have won cases where claims of violations were fabricated by the protected party by creatively identifying winning strategies. While it is easy to falsely accuse someone of a crime, these claims can be rebutted by obtaining cell phone records of the protected party proving that no contact occurred, proving that the protected party has a history fabricating claims or other mitigating strategies. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr will ensure that your rights are protected and your side of the story is told. Contact us today for a free consultation.