Juvenile law

Children make mistakes. They will often act impulsively and without regard to the potential consequences of their actions. This is normal and comes from a lack of maturity and foresight. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr understand that this is all a part of growing up. We believe that a mistake made in youth should not forever follow your child. Unfortunately, prosecutors in the juvenile court system do not share the same sentiment. There is often a misconception that juvenile court will be more lenient towards children accused of crimes. The reality is that prosecutors are more concerned with obtaining a conviction and punishment than they are rehabilitating your child or finding alternative solutions.

Juveniles may also fabricate and create false allegations against your child. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have a team of investigators who will exhaustively explore the basis of the claims against your child and use every tool available to prove your child’s defense in a court of law. At Johnson & Cyr, we do not see your child as a criminal. We see your child as a developing member of your family who should be afforded every benefit of the law. We will fight to keep them out of jail, to keep their record clean and to support a promising future for your child.

The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have a proven track record of successfully defending minors accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes of all types. There may be alternative means of resolving your child’s criminal charge, including community service, after school programs, mentoring, mental health counseling or drug and alcohol treatment. It takes a skilled attorney to resolve serious criminal charges in juvenile court. Contact us today for a free consultation.