Gun charges

Gun charges in Washington are strictly enforced and can result in serious consequences if not properly defended. There are many restrictions that can make it difficult to understand what is or is not unlawful, potentially exposing you to significant criminal liability. In general, the law forbids the unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of an illegal firearm, unlawful carrying of a concealed firearm, unlawful use of a deadly weapon, and the unlawful sale of a firearm. Certain weapons are defined as unlawful weapons, including machine guns, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns. It is unlawful to own, purchase, sell, transport, manufacture, or possess any of these firearms. Certain weapons are also deemed dangerous weapons, the manufacture, sale, disposal or possession of which is unlawful. Dangerous weapons include sling shots, sand clubs, metal knuckles or spring blade knives. The use of an unregistered noise suppressor may also qualify as a dangerous weapon.

In addition to the above, prosecutors may also seek a firearm enhancement to an underlying separate criminal charge. This results in a mandatory enhancement to your standard sentencing range. A firearm enhancement must be served in total confinement and consecutive to your normal sentence. This means a firearm enhancement cannot be served through alternatives to confinement, such as work release or electronic home monitoring. You may also be prohibited from possessing a firearm if you’ve been convicted of a crime that results in the loss of firearms rights. These convictions include any felony and some domestic violence misdemeanor convictions. Your right to possess a firearm may only be reinstated if a petition is granted by a Superior Court. If you have a disqualifying conviction on your record and you meet certain criteria, the attorneys at Johnson & Cyr can reinstate your right to possess a firearm.

The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have years of experience defending people accused of committing unlawful firearm and weapons charges of all types. We will fully investigate your case and the basis of the police investigation in order to protect your rights and advance your defense. Police investigations and arrests are often incomplete or improper. It takes a skilled attorney to spot deficiencies in police investigations and use that information in a court of law. We will use every available tool to identify a winning defense strategy and fight for dismissal, reduced charges or acquittal at trial. Contact us today for a free consultation.