Drug crimes

A drug crime conviction can have serious consequences on your life. It can result in substantial time in custody, bar you from certain areas of employment, or have severe immigration consequences. Immigration consequences may include deportation, mandatory detention, loss of asylum or a permanent bar to citizenship. Prosecutors have a wide latitude in how they can charge a drug crime, to include charging possession, possession with intent to deliver, delivery of a controlled substance, drug manufacturing, possession of drug paraphernalia, drug sales or conspiracy to commit a drug crime. You can even be charged with possession with intent to deliver based solely on subjective evidence that you may be planning to sell narcotics even if no such sale occurred.

With such severe consequences and wide prosecutorial discretion, it’s important to hire a skilled drug crimes defense attorney if you are charged with a drug crime. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have a track record of dismissals and substantially reduced charges on various drug crimes. We can help you with charges involving cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs and more. We will exhaustively investigate the basis of the police investigation and identify any weaknesses in the State’s case to put you in the best position possible. Call us today for a free consultation.