Domestic violence

When the police respond to a domestic dispute, it is very likely that someone will be arrested. Oftentimes, a partner will call the police in the heat of the moment, not understanding what will happen. This often results in an arrest and the filing of domestic violence charges. It is also very likely that a judge will impose a no contact order, forcing couples who live together to move out and find alternative housing during the pendency of the case. This can be very intrusive and will often happen regardless of whether or not the reporting party wants charges to go forward. This carries with it the additional risk of further allegations of violations of a no contact order which can result in yet another criminal charge. Prosecutors will often vigorously seek a no contact order even over the objections of the alleged victim and judges will very often grant the no contact order.

Domestic violence in Washington state is a designation that applies to many different crimes associated with people in a dating relationship and family or household members. Domestic violence results in an enhancement to felonies and misdemeanors of all types and could potentially result in a significant increase in jail time. A domestic violence conviction can also result in the loss of important constitutional rights including the right to possess a firearm. You can lose your right to possess a firearm even if the crime you are charged with is only a misdemeanor if it is alleged to be an incident of domestic violence.

It is important to hire a skilled domestic violence lawyer who knows how to handle domestic disputes. Domestic violence allegations are very often exaggerated and outright false. Police will almost always take the side of the person who called police, however, which results in false arrests and misguided prosecution. The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr have years of experience investigating false allegations and have a winning track record of dismissals and not guilty verdicts in domestic violence cases. Call us now for a free consultation. We are dedicated to proving your innocence.