Burglary Attorney Seattle Washington

Burglary and trespass charges in Washington state are serious accusations that could lead to a felony conviction, imprisonment and the loss of important constitutional rights. Burglary charges result from accusations of entering and remaining unlawfully in a building with the intent to commit a crime. If the building is considered a “dwelling,” the charge is residential burglary, which is a class B felony. Burglary in the second degree results from the same accusation if the building is not a “dwelling.” While burglary in the second degree and residential burglary are both class b felonies, residential burglary is considered a more serious offense. If there is merely the accusation that you or another participant was armed with a deadly weapon or assaulted any person during the course of the incident, you could be charged with burglary in the first degree which is a serious class A felony. The laws regarding burglary and trespass are written so broadly that the intent to commit a crime is simply inferred from the outset. Merely being accused of remaining in a building or premises unlawfully could result in charges of criminal trespass in the first or second degrees.

The attorneys at Johnson & Cyr are well versed in the laws of burglary and trespass and will thoroughly evaluate your case for weaknesses in the State’s prosecution. We will aggressively advocate for your innocence and will work with you to develop a case strategy that best suits your particular circumstances. We have successfully negotiated many dismissals or other agreements with the government that can keep a conviction off of your record entirely. There are many defenses to allegations of burglary or trespass that could apply to your case. Contact us today for a free confidential case evaluation.