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John Cyr is a founding partner of the Law Offices of Johnson & Cyr and a lifelong resident of Washington State. John attended law school at Seattle University School of Law where he focused his curriculum on criminal procedure, criminal defense and constitutional search and seizure. As a law student, John worked at the Washington Defender Association, providing trial support for the King County public defense offices. John is a member in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association, the Federal bar of the Western District of Washington, United States District Court and the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

John started his legal career in private practice where he aggressively and successfully litigated cases involving workers’ compensation, employment discrimination, property disputes and real estate litigation. John took a natural affinity for advocating for the rights of the underprivileged and wrongfully accused and quickly expanded his practice to include personal injury and criminal defense. John has successfully negotiated highly favorable settlements for many of his clients by working with his clients to identify successful and effective trial strategies. John has received not guilty verdicts and acquittals on serious felony charges in courts throughout the State of Washington and in the United States Army Trial Judiciary. John has successfully defended cases of all types including allegations of assault with a deadly weapon, assault by strangulation, drive-by shooting, unlawful display of firearms, felony harassment, rape of a child and felony violations of a no-contact order, to name a few.

John strongly believes that the best way to get favorable results for clients is by working together as a team, and central to that belief is an understanding of trust between the client and the attorney. The legal system is often unfair, allegations are often presumed to be true by law enforcement and prosecutors without any effort being made to investigate alternative possibilities. John will listen to your side of the story and exhaustively investigate the allegations on your behalf in order to put you in the best position possible.

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